Laundromat Equipment Repair

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Thorough Laundromat Equipment Repairs

Keep your laundromat operating smoothly by relying on Midwest Star Repairs M.S.R. to provide you with prompt repair services for your laundromat equipment!

We're available 24/7 to work on all commercial makes and models, including Dexter, Unipress, and Firbimatic. Trust our professionals to service all parts on your laundromat equipment to thoroughly ensure it's working properly.

Contact us today at 515-224-5252 for a FREE estimate on the repairs you need!

Laundromat Equipment Sales and Installations

If it's time to update your machines, turn to Midwest Star Repairs M.S.R. for sales and installation of all makes and models of laundromat equipment! Manufacturer rebates are available to save you money.
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